Our Mission.

Medical care is extended to every one who come to this Institution at an affordable rate. We accept everyone and give the care that is needed for their well-being.

 We believe that we are called to collaborate with God to bring life into the death situations of today’s Society in which we live, transforming it through Gospel values.
We respond to this call by committing ourselves to the service of humanity by serving the sick. We do this out of love for Jesus the Crucified and Risen Christ, finding God’s will in the needs of the time and living out the spirituality and Charism of our Founders.

The focus of our mission
To continue the healing ministry of Christ in the institutions as well as at the village level.
-We extend our service from within the Institution to village level by conducting health camps especially camps related to TB where we give awareness to the people about the disease and how to control the disease.

We give more emphasis on being in solidarity with poor who come to this hospital for treatment.

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