About Us.

Holy Cross Hospital, Kamagere is run by Society of Sisters of the Holy Cross, Central Indian Province.

It is a non-profit making Institution.  The members of this religious congregation who work in this Institution give free service.  We take it a point that no patient is send away without giving the necessary treatment because of economic reason. It is an abode of relief to the poor and the marginalized who live in impoverished conditions.

It is a 100 bedded hospital providing comprehensive range of services, including emergency care, in-patient, out patient and surgical services. Our facilities and services are staffed by nursing students who gets graduated from our own nursing school.  Besides, many local people are also employed in our Hospital  

Our aim is to provide quality Health care for persons of all races, creeds, nationalities and socio-economic background.  We are committed to providing a full spectrum of diagnostic, therapeutic and preventive services in this rural Hospital.   The services are provided with compassion and competence.  

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