Sisters of the Holy Cross came to Kamagere at the request of the then Bishop of Mysore in the year 1970. A small health centre was existing then and it was being conducted by some polish missionaries. Initially, a few sister nurses started to work here and they mainly did home visiting, taught hygiene and home based care of the sick. TB and Leprosy were more prevalent during those days and the sisters helped the people in all the possible ways. Initially only the out patient department existed and gradually provisions were made for 10 beds.

Those days, in this remote village, conveyance was very poor and seldom. The most common and the fastest conveyance available was riding on a bullocart and the patients were brought to the Hospital by bullocart. As the people became more and more aware of the healthcare system, the number of patients increased gradually.

In the year 1985 a new Hospital was built with 40 beds with a major and minor OT and Labor Room. Sr. Dr. Claudia who is one of the Holy cross Sisters joined here as a surgeon. She with Dr. Javeed, a resident physician took care of all the medical needs of all who came to this Institution. As the patient number increased we were forced to make more facilities for the patients and thus today we have a 100 bedded hospital with all the modern facilities which a secondary care hospital need to have.

Today the little village Kamagere has turned to a small town where civilization has crept in. The old bullocart is no more to be seen and people are in possession of all modern means of traveling and communication. Holy Cross Hospital, Kamagere continues to be the major health care providing Institution to the people of Chamarajnagar and the surrounding areas.
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Holy Cross Hospital, Kamagere is run by the Society of Sisters of the Holy Cross, Central Indian Province. It is a secondary care Hospital. It has been a shelter for the people of Chamarajnagar district and the surrounding areas for the past 40 years. We try to be the agents of giving new life by taking care of the health needs of the people here. The Doctors, Sisters, Nurses and other staff of the Hospital work together cordially to achieve the vision of this Institution.

Although it is a secondary care hospital, our efficient team of doctors deals with patients who should be cared in a tertiary care hospital. Medical officers working here will get good experience in taking care of patients with varied problems. I have the greatest admiration for our Doctors, nurses and other Hospital staff who work day and night offering their dedicated service in this Institution in order to Protect, Promote and Preserve life.

As you visit our web site, we hope that you will discover that Holy Cross Hospital, Kamagere is a rural Hospital where healing, compassion and deep spiritual values come together.
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